Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the first dish!

Once upon a time I wanted to go through my glorious cookbook recipe by recipe but sadly it was not to be... yet.

Now I am glad to report that I am ready to begin. Now first I won't be making the seafood recipes not until I have um... mastered... cooking some of the other dishes. There are three reasons:
First, I have yet to make fish that doesn't taste like a rubber band.
second: I can not tolerate the smell which means it will need to be cooked out side on my grill and grilling is not an art I'm adept at.
Third: boiling things alive is a serious problem for me who can barely handle bug killing. That and I don't like the fact that the intestinal veins stay in them as they cook that to me is just gross.

A word about how my wonderful masterpiece is laid out.
When you lift the cover and are greeted by the aroma of ancient tome there meets your eye a list of herbs and the dishes they are used in. Familiars like Basil, Dill, and Cumin are listed next to Chervil, Sorrel, and Cardamom. each with a dash and a short one liner about the soups or salads or meats they go with.Turning the page a blank landscape filled with possibilities is next with "Merry Christmas 1966" written by some former owner. By the title page I'm too excited to go slow and quickly read the greeting written by Vincent  before the book opens to reveal the introductions. In the table of contents the the sections are by country starting with France.

Bonne France is then separated into categories by the restaurant from which the recipes were collected. The first is the Restaurant de la Pyramide in Vienne. The way Vincent writes about the country side you feel as if he is speaking to you in his amazing movie voice. About France he says that "...they are serious about their cooking, and that's what makes it such fun to eat there." After his description of the Pyramide being a country house I couldn't help but look it up. Either Vincent and I have two very different versions of country houses or thing have changed a great deal!

The hotel and restaurant look lavish and the gardens beautiful. The dishes you can glimpse in the intro video have me drooling. I can only hope that the recipes I make from their bygone days are as wonderful.